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Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch: Hyojeong CheonBo Malaysia Special Event2019-06-12



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On June 1-2, the Hyojeong CheonBo Malaysia Special Event was held in Kuala Lumpur City under the theme of the “Purification of the Mind, Body & Soul”. There were a total of about 800 participants.
The opening ceremony was hosted by MC Lai Peng Keong, a member of FFWPU- Malaysia. It was followed by a congratulatory speech by President In-cheon Kim, Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch, and Lecturer Edgar Tanate, Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center, gave a lecture entitled with “Hyojeong CheonBo Asia”. The chanyang session that followed was a precious time when many participants were moved and inspired by the spiritual works that accompanied the Hyojeong CheonBo Malaysia Special Event.
Om the second day, there were Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Spirit World and Physical World Matching Ceremony, Hyojeong Offering Ceremony, Ancestor Blessing Ceremony and Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremonies. Lastly a celebration party was held to finalize the event amid loud cheers and applause from the participants.
Ms. J.S. from Japan who attended this event shared her testimony of finally having a baby through the ancestor liberation, blessing and Hyojeong Offering Papers:
“My husband and I were infertile for a long time and it was very painful and sad. We almost lost hope and tried to give up. However, we strongly believed in the ancestor liberation and blessing and wrote annually the Hyojeong Offering Papers sincerely wishing for the birth of a child. After 15 years passed, we finally had a baby. Our wish was to have a happy family, and a miracle happened to us.”
Ms. L.W.T. (a student) from Malaysia shared her testimony of her health having improved through chanyang:
“The most impressive thing was the chanyang yeoksa. After attending the chanyang, I felt refreshed and my health has improved. Before the workshop, I had not menstruated for four months, so I was worried. But my period has improved a lot since I did chanyang. I have regular periods every month. So, I encourage you to come to participate in chanyang in order to live a healthy and happy life.”
Ms. L.C.Y. from Malaysia shared her testimony that her family relationship was improved and the debt was paid off through the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony:
“Last year, I wrote a Hyojeong Offering Paper at the Hyojeong CheonBo Event. I wanted my parents to join me in this important event so we could improve our family relationships. And after a few months, my parents finally joined me in the event and since then, our family relationship has gotten better and better.
My friend who came with me also faced financial problems at home, so I recommended that you write the Hyojeong Offering Paper at that time. Then my friend suddenly eared money enough to pay off all his debts a few months later. Thank you so much for your grace!”