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Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch: Hyojeong CheonBo Philippines Event2019-07-10


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From July 6 to 7, the Hyojeong CheonBo Philippines Special Event was held in Antipolo City in the Philippines with a total of 1,300 participants. On the first day, the opening ceremony was held, and water of harmony ceremony was held by other religious leaders for the purpose of the interreligious harmony. After that, Heavenly Asia Pacific Regional Group Chair Dr. Chung-sik Yong gave special lectures and chanyang yeoksa was conducted. The chanyang team invested their whole hearts and souls in leading the session, and they shed a lot of sweat. This made it possible for everyone to focus and passionately invest their hearts in the chanyang.
On the second day, the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and the Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop were held, and the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony and Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremonies were also held in a row. Many participants were spiritually reborn and restarted their lives as they liberated and blessed their ancestors. The bequeathing of the Candle for Seonghwa Second Generation and an explanation to start a Spirit World Physical World Family were also held. Lastly a celebration party was held to finalize the event amid loud cheers and applause from the participants.