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2019 Hyojeong CheonBo 21-day Special Workshop for International Youth2019-07-11


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A Hyojeong CheonBo 21-day Special Workshop for International Youth has been held with the trainees divided into two teams, one team of middle and high school students and another team of university students for 24 days, including 3-day Holy Ground Pilgrimage Tour, from June 28, with a total of 75 youth members from 10 countries. (USA, Hungary, Slovenia, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Philippines, Korea, Liberia, Rwanda)
After arriving at the training center in the morning of the 28th, the first day of the workshop, the international trainees participated in holy ground prayer and self-reflection. And they moved to the auditorium on the second basement floor of HJ Magnolia Medical Center to attend the opening ceremony. To welcome everybody before the opening ceremony which marked the official beginning of the workshop, an icebreaking session was held, and the trainees played a game called “Huggy.” This is a game where people form groups based on a common item designated by the host. The trainees spent a joyful time together and naturally formed bonds with each other as they tried desperately to discover what things they had in common. Following the game, the opening ceremony began with opening remarks by the MC, International Team Leader Ryuichi Kishimoto. International Workshop Department Director In-seong Moon delivered the opening speech, speaking on the topic of “Happiness.” Before beginning, he asked questions about what is the most important factor in achieving happiness, and answered that the key is “relationship building.” He explained as follows: “We can find the answer in our Divine Principle. It is the Three Great Blessings: building relationships with yourself, building relationships with the spouse, and building relationships with all things.” He asked another question, “What is the essential element for relationship building?” and then answered, “The essential element is give and receive action. We build relationships with each other when we give love to others and receive love in return.”
Throughout the whole rest of the workshop, there were various programs such as Orientation, Holy Ground Prayers, Chanyang, a Pilgrimage to Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, Jeongshim Won Prayers, High Noon special lectures, and Foot Wash (offering devotion) programs.  
We would like to introduce some of the testimonies of the participants who experienced grace.

*Testimony: Hyojeong CheonBo 21-day Special Workshop for International Youth: My heart has become so much more open in receiving God and True Parent’s love
*Testimony: Hyojeong CheonBo 21-day Special Workshop for International Youth: I truly felt that God and the spirit world were really helping me