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Rally to Celebrate True Parents’ Victorious Return from the 2019 World Tour for the Firm Establishment of the Heavenly World2019-07-12


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On Saturday morning, June 29, 2019, the Rally to Celebrate True Parents’ Victorious Return from the 2019 World Tour for the Firm Establishment of the Heavenly World was held at the main hall of the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center. The program was divided into two parts, Part 1: Special Reports, and Part 2: Special Rally, and included a variety of activities. International Vice President Ki-hoon Kim began the program by reporting on the ACLC Convocation 2019, Peace Starts With Me Unity Festival, and the Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event USA that was held in Las Vegas. FFWPU IHQ Secretary General Young-ho Yun followed with a report of the recent providence and heavenly USA Events.
Part 2 Special Rally started with True Parents’ entrance, and followed by: Gyeongbae (Bow), Offering of flowers (UPF Korea President Yeon-ah Moon, Chief of Staff Wonju McDevitt), Cake cutting, Offering of Gifts, Offering Prayers by FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea President Gi-seong Lee, Hoondokhae (Chief of Staff Wonju McDevitt), True Parents’ Speech, Hyojeong Cultural Performance (Little Angles Performing Arts Troupe), Three Cheers of Eog Mansei (FFWPU for a Heavenly Japan President, Tokuno Eiji), Gyeongbae, Recession of True Parents, and Closing Remarks.   
True Parents’ gave a precious keynote address as follows:
“Good morning, I am pleased to see you. Today, we can feel how God, the Creator, is working with his only begotten daughter, True Parents. What do you think that God, the Creator, would ask you for, when he looks at you?
The earthly life is not eternal. We have obtained the qualification to be able to meet God with dignity and pride in that place where he dwells, in the eternal world of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. But for first this country, God’s sovereign homeland, we must fulfill our responsibilities. In the past, two thousand years ago, God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to the chosen people, the Israelites, in order to fulfill his will.
That being the case, that town, in complete unity with the only begotten daughter, he had to cooperate with him to reach the position of True Parents.
For that precise day, Heaven prepared many prophets, among them, John the Baptist. But they did not fulfill their responsibilities. Two thousand years later, his only begotten daughter was born for the first time after six thousand years in the middle of a Korean town.
If the only begotten daughter doesn’t manifest herself, the Lord who announced that he would return cannot become a True Parent.
Therefore, after a laborious historical course, God gave birth for the first time in 6,000 years to the only begotten daughter, about whom he could say, “This is my daughter” and the True Parents could advent in 1960.
True Parents, for whom humanity waited anxiously for six thousand years were the fulfillment of God's dream. God was preparing the field so that True Parents would be received, as he had prepared it by means of the Israelites two thousand years ago. To fulfill Heavenly Parent's dream, God waited for six thousand years. Heaven prepared that environment to fit True Parents. Heaven prepared through Israelites, the two thousand years ago.
So how can it be that this country, the fatherland under God's sovereignty has less result than the African continent? When we consider the history of Christianity in this country, we see that in fact, God has made many preparations to receive to Messiah upon his return.
If I refer to a Christian megachurch in this country, which I do not want to mention by name, it was not awake either. What should you do then? I have already told you that Heaven has prepared many people just for this opportune time. What should they do? You must announce it with conviction and dignity. Go to a megachurch in this country and exclaim it: “The True Mother, the only-begotten daughter, is here. What are you doing? Why cannot they announce it? The situation is such that you are able to announce it around the world. Don’t you think so?
No one should remain through history to be ashamed. Don’t you think that Korean people, as happened the past 2,000 years, the people of Israelite who failed, should not fail?
You should know that Heavenly Parent is and True Parents are the owners of this nation and the only way to become their true sons or daughters is though receiving the blessing. Neither political power nor economic power is eternal. What can they fear if they are accompanied by True Mother, the only begotten daughter, with whom God our eternal Father and Mother is substantially? What I want to tell you today is that, nobody stays poor in the history.”