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*Great Works: Prayer of Gratitude2019-08-25


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On the third day of the Great Works, after the last chanyang session in the evening, all the participants offered a prayer of gratitude in unison and offered a round of applause to Heavenly Parent.
President Gi-seong Lee gave a benediction prayer :


“During the past seven years, True Father has established a strong foundation of jeongseong in the spirit world and True Mother has also established such a foundation on the earth. I sincerely hope that we can make a new start by inheriting their foundation of jeongseong. I hope that of all of our blessed families will gain the merit to be registered as CheonBo families by accomplishing the mission of heavenly tribal messiahs that Heavenly Parent desires for all of us to fulfill. I sincerely hope that all of you gathered here can become people of character who deserve to be praised by your spiritual sons and daughters, and by the angels in the spirit world as their leader and guide.”

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