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Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop2019-10-04



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On September 29-30, the Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop was held at the Philippine IPLC with about 260 participants. The Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop was attended by two groups, the first group consisted of a total of 100 teachers and student leaders, and the second group consisted of 160 high school second and third graders and university first and second graders.

The first group joined the whole 2-day Workshop programs and the second group (mostly non-members) only joined the half-day programs with chanyang and CheonBo lectures on September 30 (2nd day) from 2:30-5:30pm. The first group participants were greatly indebted for their 2-day programs, such as chanyang, lectures, action plans, and workshop discussion. And the second group participants actively attended the chanyang and lecture sessions.

Through the lecture sessions, Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch President In-cheon Kim delivered a hopeful message entitled with “Let us start from the beginning” and Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Lecturer Edgar Tanate delivered the message under the theme the “Need for universal principles.”

C.G., who was one of student leaders, shared a testimony saying, “I removed all my worries”:
“Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop is truly a blessing for me. The chanyang yeoksa session, the special lecture and the workshop discussion had a great impact on how I will choose or decide my way of life. After chanyang session, I felt relieved. It was the moment I removed all my worries in my studies and other responsibilities. It helped me to relax and have a moment of reflection. I suddenly realized that while doing my responsibility as a student I should not forget my spiritual life.”