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Providence of HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Branch Training Centers, Connecting all of the World’s Peoples and Religions2020-02-05



From October to December in 2019, all four regional Branch Training Centers held Hyojeong CheonBo Special Events and numerous workshops. There have also been many Special Events by the Japan Sub-region Tours Teams, and HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center made overseas tours to Japan, USA, and Taiwan. Here are some more detailed information and testimonies about those events.


Heavenly Europe and Middle East Branch Training Center: Spain, Germany, Israel, UK, Italy, Albania, and Russia
In the Heavenly Europe Region, a Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event was held in Madrid, Spain, on October 5–6, with a total of 212 participants, followed by another in the municipality of Niederhausen, Germany on November 9–10, with 815 participants. Two weeks later, on November 23–24, a Hyojeong CheonBo UK Special Event with 320 participants was held in London, followed by another in Paris, France on November 30–December 1, with about 270 participants.
In the Heavenly Middle East Region, a CheonBo Israel Special Event was held in Ma’alot-Tarshiha City in Israel. Even though there are only seven couples in Israel, miraculously a total of 143 people attended. There were 43 new members and religious leaders from the Jewish, Islamic, Christian and Druze faiths, along with 35 people from neighboring countries and European countries, supported by a 2nd generation chanyang team. It was truly the miraculous work of heaven. Training center Vice President Myong-kwan Lee, and other senior staff of the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center also participated and offered their full support for the success of the event.
The Israel CheonBo Event, which was filled with the grace of the Substantial Holy Spirit, resolved the complex spiritual background of Israel, the birthplace of Jesus, and paved the way for the unification of the three major religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It was a valuable time for us to be assured internally and externally that it is only True Parents who have the key to solving all of these problems.
Mr. A.C. (2,075 Couples, 60s) from UK shared his testimony: “During the offering of flowers to our True Parents and Heavenly Parent, Jesus, his followers, Moses and countless of the righteous men and women of faith were kneeling and humbly shedding tears, not of sorrow as before but of joy and gratitude. They are so truly grateful to Heaven for all the love you have poured out tirelessly, investing your heart and determined to support the brothers and sisters on earth to heal the nation.”
And Central Europe Regional Leader Dieter Schmidt shared the following testimony: “I saw scenes from a concentration camp where the prisoners suddenly stood up and were free to leave the concentration camp, leaving behind their prison clothes. It was such a liberating feeling! Then I had to think of those Germans who had been in charge of the concentration camp and I started to pray for their repentance. And suddenly I saw that a prisoner and a guard were embracing each other and I cried and cried.”
Also members of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian clergy left the following comments: “I have met here people who are brothers and sisters to me, and learnt new things.” “I was overwhelmed by the power of our existence and by the truth that stands behind the spiritual work. To be here makes me feel at home because I receive optimism and hope here.” “I felt a relief of a pressure I have carried with me and the souls of all of us are united.”
Ms. M. from the Druze faith shared her testimony: “When I looked at the picture of True Parents, I felt God’s light and blessing. I felt that God is asking me to cherish True Mother in my heart.”
On December 7-8, a Hyojeong CheonBo Italy Special Event was held in Rome, the capital city of Italy, with about 190 participants, it was followed by events on December 14 –15 in Tirana, Albania with 251 people attending, and on December 21–22, at the FFWPU Russia headquarters in Moscow, with 715 participants.


Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica
On October 5–6, the Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center held Hyojeong CheonBo Brazil Special Events in Sao Paulo with a total of 1,250 members attending and on October 12–13, and in Campo Grande with 330 participants. On October 19–20, a Hyojeong CheonBo Peru Special Event was held in Lima, with 170 members, and on October 26–27, there was a Hyojeong CheonBo Bolivia Event in Cochabamba City, with 310 members attending.
A member from the Brazil event in Campo Grande shared a testimony: “At the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony (chanyang session), I saw the spirit of our True Parents behind the young people on the stage. They were singing very loudly and holding hands with each other. I saw the spirits that came out of the bodies dissolving like smoke. They floated up toward the ceiling like big clouds and then they were carried away by angels and dissolved into the air. When our Hyojeong Offering Papers were consecrated in the bowls, it looked like the water was boiling, because water bubbles began to rise with each of our requests, and it seemed like they were floating like magic. As the angels picked up each of our papers from the water one by one, bubbles floated up.”
The Hyojeong CheonBo Events by the Heavenly Latin America Branch Training Center continued on November 16–17 in Asunción, Paraguay (500 participants), November 23–24 in Bogota, Colombia (200 participants), November 30–December 1 in Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico (120 participants), and the final event of the year was on December 21–22, San José, Costa Rica, with a total of 180 participants.

Heavenly Africa Branch Training Center: Zambia, Benin, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, DR Congo, and Côte d’Ivoire
On October 5–6, a Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event was held in Lusaka, Zambia, with 270 participants, followed by events on October 12–13 in in Cotonou City, Benin with 476 participants and October 26–27, in Johannesburg, South Africa with 255 participants. 
One of the participants from Zambia event, Mr. C.M. (September 7, 2017 Blessing Couple, 20s) shared his testimony of spiritually receiving a letter from an ancestor during the Chanyang Yeoksa and Ancestor Liberation Ceremony: “My Dear Grandson, I am so grateful for the support, care, effort and love which you have invested for us. We are very sorry for the burdens that we left behind after we departed the earth. Please keep moving, and we will support you wherever you go.”
The first Hyojeong CheonBo Event ever held in Uganda was conducted on November 23–24, in Kampala, with 300 participants. This was followed by another in Abuja, Nigeria on December 14–15 (100 participants), one in Kinshasa, DR Congo on December 21–22 (1,200 participants), and one on December 28–29 in Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire (600 participants).


Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center: Thailand, Philippines, Mongolia, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Australia, and Nepal
The Pak-chong Training Center where the Heavenly Asia Pacific Branch Training Center is located held a Hyojeong CheonBo Thailand Special Event on October 5–6, 2019, attended by 612 people. On October 7–13, a Hyojeong Seonghwa Youth 7-day Workshop was held with a total of 70 participants. Hyojeong CheonBo Philippines Special Events were held in Cebu, on October 12–13, with 389 participants and on October 19–20, in Quezon City, with 820 participants. The opening ceremonies of the Philippines events included water of harmony ceremonies and prayers for religious harmony and peace, and the venues were filled with waves of warm emotion from the audience.
Ms. A.A., who participated in the Philippines event in Cebu, shared her testimony: “After the Chanyang Yeoksa, the moment I closed my eyes to pray, I saw my ancestors in front of me. My prayer began with a request for help from my ancestors, crying and asking them to show me the way to solve the problems in our family. My ancestors listened and came near to me and hugged me tightly. I felt that they were comforting me and assuring me that everything will be all right.”
From November 9–10, a Hyojeong CheonBo Solomon Islands Special Event was held in Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands, with a total of about 150 participants.
One of the participants from the Solomon Islands event, N.M., shared a testimony: “Before the event began, I had a dream. In my dream, I saw many of my ancestors cleaning up. What they did reflected what was happening in the event where we were cleaning up, physically and spiritually. We are so blessed and grateful for the grace of Heavenly Parent to have this opportunity to remove evil spirits from our bodies and send them to become absolutely good spirits.”
From December 7–8, a Hyojeong CheonBo Malaysia Special Event was held in Johor Bahru, with a total of 534 participants. This event was especially meaningful to the participants because members from Singapore came to join them in receiving the grace of the Holy Spirit. It was followed by another in Melbourne, Australia from December 21–22, with 120 participants, and one in Kathmandu, Nepal from December 27–28 with 221 participants.

HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center’s Overseas Tours and Japan Sub-region Tour Teams’ Special Events
On October 5–6, a Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event was held in New York at Belvedere Family Church. International Workshop Department Director In-seong Moon and International Workshop Team Leader Ryuichi Kishimoto were dispatched to direct the tour event. When Director Moon was offering jeongseong at the Cheonseung Dae Holy Ground before leaving for the US, he heard True Mother’s voice, saying, “It is not you, but I who will go to the US. Don’t worry, I will work on them, so you just go to the US with confidence.” Then he received a premonition that there would be a big victory in the US with the Works of the Substantial Holy Spirit. In the cloudless bright weather, approximately 1,500 people gathered at the Belvedere Family Church for the event, and they experienced revival, and received great grace and blessing. Everybody there felt reborn and resurrected. With the US church leaders’ horizontal jeongseong to become one mind and one heart with True Mother and staff members’ jeongseong through their overnight preparations during the two weeks before the event to make sure the programs ran smoothly, the Heavenly USA CheonBo Event was able to open the door for Ancestor Blessing up to 430 generations in the country of the elder son, the United States.
Theodore Shimmyo, a former UTS President, shared his testimony: “When the central leader of the chanyang team from the stage repeatedly shouted the words “Aboji!” and “Omoni!,” these words yielded a special spiritual vibration which pierced my heart and made me cry even more. Also, each and every word of the songs we were singing pierced my heart and made me cry. I felt so grateful to the presence of the love of True Parents, and I also felt a strong sense of mission to convey this love and forgiveness to people in the world. I was really moved to bless my ancestors up to 430 generations because I was able to resonate with their feelings of joy and happiness as they entered the place of the ceremony, received the Holy Wine and the Holy Water, recited the Pledge, and listened to the Blessing Proclamation. I cried again, this time together with my ancestors.”
On October 26-27, a Hyojeong Culture and True Love Family Blessing Festival was held in Japan Special Sub-region 6 Taiwan, in Taipei City. The Japanese Workshop Department staff and International Workshop Department staff were dispatched to prepare for the festival and guide the Hyojeong CheonBo Works.
Mr. S (20s) from Taiwan, who originally had decided not to attend the event due to his busy work, shared his experience that after praying to Heavenly Parent, he heard a voice, saying, “My son, you have to come.” So, he decided to be obedient and attended the event, and he had a special spiritual experience while he was investing himself in the chanyang: “Suddenly hot energy came out of my body and I heard a voice saying, ‘My dear, you’re working really hard! Thank you so much for relieving our ancestors’ sins! We are always watching you! Cheer up and your efforts won’t be in vain!’ I was moved to tears, I felt like the voice had come to comfort me.”
A Japan Tour event, “Hyojeong Culture Blessing Festival: Rally of Hope” was held in Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture on October 6 in attendance to True Parents. Japanese Workshop Department Director Beom-seok Lee and Japanese Workshop Team Leader Toshiaki Yokoi offered their support to deliver the grace of chanyang to about 40,000 people during the Chanyang Yeoksa portion of the event. Other Japan Tours followed: a Hyojeong Special Event to Inherit the Grace of Works of Substantial Holy Spirit was held in Saga City in Saga Prefecture on October 8 with 1,412 people attending and a Hyojeong Offering Presentation Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune was held in Kumamoto City in Kumamoto Prefecture on October 9 with 1,005 people attending. In November, a total of 7,589 people attended the Hyojeong Offering Presentation Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune in Chiba City in Chiba Prefecture on the 20th, and Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture on the 27th, and Shizuoka City on the 28th. In December, a total of 2,274 attended the Offering Presentation Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune in Huzaoka City in Gumma Prefecture on the 15th and Zama City in Kanagawa Prefecture on the 16th.
Hyojeong CheonBo Special Events were conducted directly by the Japan Sub-region Tour Teams in Japans’ 338 local areas from October to December, bringing the total number of participants to 75,968.
An anonymous church staff member, who attended the Hyojeong Offering Presentation Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune in Gifu District, shared a testimony: “I have been in the hospital for half a year, suffering from severely immobilized shoulders since last year, and I haven’t been able to dress myself or take off my clothes, and I haven’t improved at all, so I’ve quit my outpatient treatment. Because I have been able to attend chanyang sessions through the tour events in Japan, I have begun to feel great hope. Since this summer of 2019 I have attended the CheonBo Chanyang Yeoksa seven times, focusing on removing the evil spirits on my sore shoulders, and apologizing to the resentful spirits who had been forced to stay inside me solely because of my own sins and the sins of my ancestors, and I repent every day in my daily life. The more I attended chanyang, the better my health became. I can now dress myself without difficulty and grab things easily by myself. I feel like the severe pain I had been feeling was just a lie and now I’m very grateful. This chanyang session was filled with the endless love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and it made me feel like many of the evil spirits inside me were gone and now I feel like my body is an empty container.”

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