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Traditional Games in the Family Festival2020-02-17



As the Hyojeong Festival was meant to be a festival for the whole family to enjoy and spend time together, traditional New Year's Day games were set up at the Tree of Love Plaza from February 5–7, and they were very popular with the families who attended from around the world.
As usual the Cheonga mascot warmly welcomed the members to the Great Works, and to the many traditional games, which included a yut game played with extra-large sticks, pounding rice for making rice cakes, neolttwigi (Korean seesaw), throwing the sticks into a barrel, jegichagi (kicking a shuttlecock), Japanese kendama (ball and stick game), spinning tops, and a place to dress up in royal costumes. Those various events brought harmony and unity to all the members of the unification families from young to old as they enjoyed games together and reminisced about old memories.


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