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True Parents were shining towards me2019-12-15


[N.B., Bulgaria]
“When we started the chanyang session, I saw a lot of people together and they were cheering. They were very happy, and they were  congratulating each other.
After that, I felt a very strong energy, very warm, which was like a wave of fatherly love coming towards me. I felt a deeper connection with Heavenly Parent’s heart. I am sure this energy was Heavenly Parent. It was really powerful.
Then, something else appeared. I could see many people who were dark, almost pitch black and rather dirty. They were not in good condition and they were twisted and moving slowly so that people couldn't recognise them. And then, there was a bright energy which came to me like a flash of lightning. This energy came from behind me and went through me and then it went through those dark people. From my chest the light went through them and through the black covers that enclosed them, and it broke down those black covers. What was left inside the black covers were people shining white with radiant light. When I looked back to find the starting point for that stream of light, True Parents were shining towards me. This light was coming from True Parents towards me, going through me and reaching these people.
Then, I looked further, behind True Parents, and I could see the original source of the light, and I think it was God, the Light  which is the origin of everything .
The second day, when the chanyang session started, I saw some clouds clear away. Suddenly and the whole sky became bright. I saw a lot of spirits, and they were happy, smiling with tears. I suddenly had a realization. I felt that each of us must connect in heart to Heavenly Parent and say, over and over, millions and billions of times, “I love You Heavenly Parent!” Everybody has to say this every day, to connect with Heavenly Parent.” 

​(Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Italy Special Event)