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Hundreds of black spots leaving my body2019-12-26


[Mr. T.A. (400 Million Couples, 30s), Albania]
“While the chanyang session was going on, I was praying for my ancestors and asking forgiveness from the spirits of those who had suffered because of my ancestors. While doing this, I felt hundreds of black spots leaving my body and I could not hold back my tears. After that I felt very calm and liberated. I felt I had been forgiven by them and then they left quietly. After the chanyang session, I went to the prayer room and I prayed in the corner. I was holding my wife’s hand on my left and I felt a group of people praying close to me on my right side. After praying, I tried to move to the left to give them more space, but then I saw that there was nobody on my right side. It was clear that my ancestors were praying with us.”

(Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Albania Special Event​)