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Her debt was fully paid by the grace of a Hyojeong Offering Paper2020-01-03


[E.J. (Blessed Family), Costa Rica]
“Today was the greatest day of my life. I blessed and liberated my ancestors and prayed to Heaven for my mother and father. I had suffered a lot because of my younger sister, who was going through a bad economic situation. She lost her home and became deeply indebted to some moneylenders. She reached such a severe economic situation that was so strong that she was forced to open a small family restaurant to regain her financial footing. The moneylenders went to the restaurant every day to threaten my sister and put a lot of pressure on my sister. They took all the goods from the restaurant and left her with nothing. She had no source of income. They were constantly making death threats against her, and we had great fear for the lives of her and her family. In the first Hyojeong CheonBo Event in April 2019, I wrote from the bottom of my heart a Hyojeong Offering Paper, asking for a solution for my sister who was in a bad economic predicament. Five months later she was freed from her debt. I feel great happiness for this great miracle.”

(Heavenly Latin America Hyojeong CheonBo Costa Rica Special Event)