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I could hear Hyo-jin nim sing with us2020-01-03


[J.P. (Costa Rica CARP staff)]
"At the beginning of the first Chanyang Yeoksa session, I started crying for no apparent reason while clapping, I felt that someone was holding my hands and we were clapping together. I felt very warm and felt a deep happiness. I could hear Hyo-jin nim sing with us as well and he was guiding us as we sang “Danshimga”. During the last session I was brought to a place that was all white, and my deceased grandfather and my grandmother were there. Grandfather told me that after he left to go to the spirit world he was still there with me. My grandmother told me not to blame myself for her death. They also told me to live my life and they are proud of me and what I have achieved. In the end they gave me a warm hug. When I came back, I had tears in my eyes and felt deep joy because I had been able to see them again.”
(Heavenly Latin America Hyojeong CheonBo Costa Rica Special Event)