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Evil spirits which came out of my mouth2020-02-19


[Anonymous (30,000 Couples, 50s, Female)]
“Something happened when I started to remove the evil spirits on my neck during the chanyang session. I felt really disgusted, and some things came out of my mouth five or six times. After that, a voice came out of my mouth. At first it was a little tiny voice, and then it became louder, shouting, "Ah!" "Ah!" It was definitely not my voice. It seemed like the spirits were resisting and shouting inside me. I just thought, "I hate this!" and a moment later it calmed down. It seemed that the spirits who had previously become absolute good spirits convinced the evil spirits that were in me this time to leave. Until the end of the chanyang session, I kept working hard to remove the evil spirits with the thought of "I wish the spirits inside me would be even happier!" and I sincerely prayed that I could remove as many spirits as possible so that they would help True Father in the spirit world.”
(2020 Hyojeong Festival Commemorating True Parents’ Centenary and 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary)