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I heard True Mother's voice saying, “I forgave both of you”2020-02-19


[Mr. Y.N. (30,000 Couples), West Kanagawa District, Japan]
“After receiving the CheonBo Holy Wine I deeply repented for my past sins and made a firm commitment to accomplish the heavenly tribal messiah mission. The person who slept in the same room at the hotel that night was my mortal enemy. I really didn't want to sleep in that room together. But I was able to talk with him naturally when I got back to the room, and I felt that my heart melted when I fell asleep, and I heard True Mother’s voice saying, “I forgave both of you. You should also release your resentment and forgive each other.” The heart of True Mother, who has given us mercy and forgiven us for our sins, seeped in and warm sunshine came to my heart and melted away all my resentment. I shed tears under the blanket. This is how Heavenly Parent has worked in my mind.”
(2020 Hyojeong Festival Commemorating True Parents’ Centenary and 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary)