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True Mother appeared in my dream2020-03-09


[Ms. S.N. (20s)]
“Last night I had a special opportunity to talk with Mr. Prasert Phangam. Before that I had a lot of questions but after our discussion I decided to offer sincere prayer to search for answers. For a long time I have not had any experience with True Parents, so I prayed with all my heart to dream about True Parents. The very next day it seemed like my wish came true. I dreamed about True Parents. In the dream I saw True Mother. She was in a car heading somewhere and I went there to meet her. Once she arrived she was struggling to get out of the car, so I gave her a hand, helping her get out of the car. That dream made me very grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for hearing my prayer. Thinking back to the week before, I realized I had had a similar spiritual experience. I dreamed about a brother who was one of our devoted church members and passed away last year in a car accident. I prayed to Heavenly Parent to see his situation in the spiritual world. That night he appeared in my dream. With a bright shining spiritual body, he appeared with a big smile holding some small grass flowers in his hand. He looked very happy and I asked him if I could take some pictures because I wanted to show them to our brothers and sisters so they could see that he had been resurrected. But sadly he smiled and told me he was not allowed to do so.“

​(Heavenly Asia Pacific Hyojeong CheonBo Thailand 2-day Workshop)