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It was a workshop with more powerful spiritual energy than ever before2020-05-27


[Staff, Cultural Promotion Team staff]
“Whenever I have attended a workshop, I have been helping my family with their Ancestor Liberations and Blessings. I never thought about what I could do for myself. Now that my husband and I have completed the eight lines of our Ancestor Liberation for generations 1-430, I thought that it would be a good time for me to liberate my central evil spirits. A few years ago, I had a spiritual encounter with a woman, who looked very pure, but was shedding tears of blood. She appealed to me several times and I felt she had something to say to me. I thought she might be a good person who had been hurt by the one of my ancestors so I didn’t treat her as a resentful or evil spirit but as a heavenly daughter because she and I are both daughters of Heavenly Parent.
I invested myself in doing something for her during the chanyang, and I offered repentance that I had been dragging on for a long time without giving her any help. I was resolved to release her resentment. This time, I prayed for her to go to the spirit world and attend the workshop there. After chanyang, my heart felt relieved for some reason, and I went to the Jeongshim Won to pray for her, because I still had an empty feeling when I thought of her.
Participating in the program of this workshop was so difficult that when I returned home my body was so exhausted that I couldn't do anything. This was quite unlike my past experiences of participating in a workshop. The staff of the training center attended this workshop on behalf of all the other blessed families, so that many people could liberate and bless their ancestors through our bodies. What I felt was that it was difficult for my spiritually sensitive and weak body to handle the extra responsibility for this. However, I think this workshop ended smoothly on the foundation of our teamwork and jeongseong. Thank you very much.”

(1512th Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop)