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It was a place of spiritual celebration2020-05-27


[Guk-hyeong Lee, Coordinator of the International Workshop Department]
“After a break of more than three months, on May 16, workshops finally resumed at the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center. We offered a lot of jeongseong for this 1-day Workshop, and I felt like our sincere jeongseong had as much power as the 2-day Workshop usually does. In fact, although our blessed members from around Korea and the world could not attend, we prepared everything and held the workshop with the mindset that they were all actually there, attending the workshop with us.
As the workshop began, the training center staff members who were gathered there were determined to be worthy representatives for all the blessed families and witness together a new beginning of Heaven’s providence. Above all, the overall spiritual atmosphere of the workshop was highest after the chanyang session for the Ancestor Liberation. The exuberant sounds of praise from the vocalists and enthusiastic drumming leading the chanyang that we had missed for so many weeks resounded throughout the main hall. As a result, the hand-clapping of the participating staff members grew louder and louder. The chanyang session was flooded with grace like a welcome rain after a long drought and awakened all the members who had been spiritually asleep due to the challenges of the coronavirus.
Although there were not many people attending the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, I felt something huge and grand in the hall, because it was the moment when our ancestors who had been at the training center in the spirit world finally came here to be blessed and reborn as absolute good spirits. It was a place of spiritual celebration.”
(1512th Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop)