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Through the workshop I was able to get rid of my fallen nature and gain a renewed sense of goodwill2020-07-01


[Ju-hwan Kim, Korean Workshop Department Team Leader]
“The 1513th workshop was held with the Hyojeong CheonBo staff members who attended this workshop on behalf of all the blessed families, and it was very nice to meet some of the other members who were there to inherit Hyojeong Won ancestor houses. I was heartbroken at the thought of how much True Mother is longing to see the children of the blessed families. With the start of the CheonBo workshop, I felt a growing feeling of relief and grace replacing the tension in my mind and heart. Also, thanks to the prayer vigil which had been held for five days following True Mother’s holy direction, the atmosphere of the training center was even more spiritual than usual, and President Gi-seong Lee’s message was so amazing that I was filled with even more grace.
I was the main vocalist leading the chanyang for the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, and I shouted “Father” and “Mother” more desperately than ever. I was running out of breath and sweating was pouring off me like rain. My hyojeong heart grew bigger and bigger and I was able to clearly picture True Father and True Mother. The more I attend the workshop the more I feel the love of True Parents as I am able to get rid of my fallen nature. Come to think of it, my heart and mind now are so different from how they were when I first joined the staff at the training center. Now I have a renewed sense of goodwill and my mind is much clearer. I am deeply grateful for the substantial holy spirit and the grace of CheonBo Works under True Parents’ direct dominion.”
(1513th Hyojeong CheonBo 2-day Workshop)