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I saw the evil spirits being removed2020-07-21


[Ms. Y (20s, Malaysia)]

“During the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, I had a special experience of feeling the evil spirits being removed from my ears and the back of my neck. Through the chanyang session, I felt that I had been relieved of all the negative energy and burden which I had absorbed from the difficulties of our church members and at the same time I began to feel a greater sense of responsibility for my mission. I could see how happy the angels were as they pulled the evil spirits from my body, and surprisingly, all the evil spirits in my body were willing to be pulled out. True Parents have given us great grace in this era and I pledged to help True Mother to fulfill her dreams! This was also my first time to participate in a CheonBo Event as a blessed member, wearing my blessing ring on my finger. I was able to feel that my ancestors were very happy to be blessed too. I can’t wait to welcome them after 40 days!” 
(HJ CheonBo Asia-Pacific Online Event 2020 in Thailand)