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My complicated spirits became bright2020-07-21


[Ms. M.Y. (2nd Generation, Phnom Penh, Cambodia]
I want to offer deep gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the grace they have given me. This was my first time to join a historical event like this. In my life in the past, I was often influenced by my negative thoughts. This negative thinking came from the difficult experiences of my childhood, and it often affects my attitude in my daily life. I have tried to escape from these negative thoughts many different ways and I have tried to remind myself to be more positive, but nothing has ever worked. Sometimes I have ended up turning my negative energy towards my husband. I am very grateful for his forgiveness and understanding, and I really appreciate his lovely heart. I determined to change myself, because I feel that Heavenly Parent has been expressing his kindness to me through the kindness of my husband. I reflected and prayed to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, repenting for my self-centered ego and my selfish mind. When I heard that there would be a CheonBo Event at Cambodia Headquarters, I was very thankful. I knew this was the opportunity to liberate my central evil spirits from their self-ego, so during the event, I totally invested myself in everything on the schedule. The more I invested, the more grace I received. I feel my spirit has become more bright, free and happy, and I was guided spiritually to understand how to love and think of other people. I have embraced that guidance as the focus of my daily life practice, and I also made a determination that I would develop education programs for the second generation, and witness to fulfill the substantial heavenly tribal messiah mission, blessing 430 couples horizontally and 430 generations of my ancestors vertically.”
(HJ CheonBo Asia-Pacific Online Event 2020 in Thailand)