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I felt my mind and body being healed through the chanyang session2020-07-21


[Mr. D (2018 Previously Married Blessing Couple)]
“As we have been a Blessed Family and members of the FFWPU for nearly two years today, we are very happy to be able to complete the Ancestor Liberation and give the Blessing to our 430 generations of ancestors. I was very grateful to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents because the atmosphere of the Holy Wine Ceremony was such a profoundly moving experience. I was deeply touched and I felt my heart swell with the realization that had been reborn. In fact my conscience was particularly joyous knowing that the spirits of many of our ancestors were participating in the ceremony. Through the chanyang session I felt good and could tell that my mind and body were being healed. I really want to testify or witness to my friends to let them know about the Principle and True Parents and also encourage them to join our movement and become blessed members.
This time I brought my wife, my younger brother, who was a Major General and is 71 years old, as well as my 95-year-old mother to this HJ CheonBo Workshop. They were really happy.”
(HJ CheonBo Asia-Pacific Online Event 2020 in Thailand)