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True Mother’s works gained the government’s permission2020-07-22


[Gabon National Leader Ambiana Joseph]
“In Gabon there are strong rules against public events, and even gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed. We kept faith in such circumstances, offering jeongsong of 100 gyeongbae for seven days to implore our Heavenly Parent to open a way for us to hold a workshop. A few days later, the church’s ministers submitted an application to the government to hold an online workshop, and we were determined to hold the workshop on July somehow, with or without the government’s consent. On Saturday of that week the government held a meeting with church ministers. This created an opening that allowed us to hold the online event so our members could participate for the first time, on the spot, in an Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Ceremony. Indeed True Mother, the Substantial Holy Spirit, was present with us, because during the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony prayer, True Mother appeared to one of the second generation members.”
(Heavenly Africa Hyojeong CheonBo Online Event)