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Tremendous grace from Heavenly Parent could can turn this crisis into an opportunity2020-07-30


[Human Resources Team Leader, Hyeong-cheol Kim]
“Since the CheonBo 1-day Workshop in the third week of May, we have held three of them, on the third Saturday of each month, capturing the workshops on video with only the staff of the training center in attendance, amid continued measures to prevent corona virus infection.
We had anticipated reopening the training center for regular workshops sometime in the late spring or early summer, but at the moment, we still don’t know when we will be able to return to our normal schedule. Nevertheless, even though people cannot come to the training center, True Mother blessed us with the opportunity to hold online workshops and opened the way for all our members to continue to offer jeongseong in our local areas through the Jeongshim Won holy candles, which were passed down to each District, so that True Father will be able to directly work for the reunification of North and South Korea by mobilizing the entire spirit world. Also, through the online workshops and jeongseong, more brothers and sisters than ever before can receive training and offer devotion together, so I have felt that even though everyone is suffering from the effects of the corona pandemic, we have received tremendous grace from Heavenly Parent who could turn this crisis into an opportunity.
There are so many problems on the earth that cannot be solved by human power. The future and happiness of humanity will be guaranteed only when all humankind is united as one cosmic family attending Heavenly Parent and True Parents with shimjeong of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. In this unstable period with rapid changes due to the corona virus, I have no doubt that Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community and True Parents are truly the only hope for all humankind around the world, and I sincerely hope that all our ancestors, who were liberated and blessed today, will attend True Father in the spirit world and will work for the reunification of North and South Korea together with all their descendants on the earth.”

(1514th Hyojeong CheonBo Workshop)