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I was saved by my great-uncle2020-09-24


[Ms. M.N. (30,000 Couples)]
“In September, as I was going back home from lecturing at a Hotel in heavy rain, I was having difficulty getting a taxi. As I walking in the pouring rain, I heard somebody calling out to me.
Thinking that it was a thief, I start walking faster. But the voice was screaming “Mama! Mama!” and just next to me, I saw an old man. He looked in my eyes and said, “Mama! Leave this place because the rain will be dangerous, find a place to hide.” And he left, going the opposite direction from me. I tried to follow him with my eyes but he had disappeared. I went and hid in a Lebanese store, and then, outside the store, I could see many young people rushing down the road I had just left, breaking car windows to steal valuables from the cars. At that moment, I realized that I had been saved by the person who called out to me a few minutes earlier. As I thought deeply about what just happened, I realized that the old man who saved me was my great-uncle David who, when I was young in the village, used to take care of us children when our parents went to farm and left us at home. Great-uncle David had also appeared to my eldest brother when he was very sick, to tell him that he would not die. I realized just then that I had not yet liberated great-uncle David. During the September event I finally liberated him. I so grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this experience with the spiritual world.”
(Heavenly Africa Hyojeong CheonBo DR Congo Online Event)