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The only words that could come out of me is “Thank you True Mother”2020-10-17


[Rev. Olaleye Isaiah Alao and his wife Takako Alao]
“To be chosen as a CheonBo Victor and to receive the CheonBo precious holy robes, shawls and awards in the first place was already overwhelming. We never thought of possibility to be allowed into CheonBo Won because we had a lot of limitations. I believe this was made possible because of True Parents’ special grace and the sacrifices of True Mother and Her devotion in the past 7 years.
In addition to the above, receiving the call that the International Headquarters as requested that our couple represent Africa at the CheonBo ceremony, and it was a surprise to me. I was mostly overwhelmed and nervous because I know Africa is a special place in the heart of our beloved True Mother.
We immediately became concerned of what additional condition to offer in preparation. Among other conditions, we decided to offer conditions specifically for True Mother’s health and well-being as we always did in our family at daily Hoondokhae. We also prayed that the event at CheonShim Peace World center be safe for True Mother and that all preparations and organizations should go well according to the will of True Parents.
When True Mother appeared on stage, my wife said she felt that all the challenges, difficulties, sadness, problems of all sought and resentments melted away without any trace. She felt “only True Parents saved us, liberated us internally and spiritually.” She felt renewed and ready for a new start; though all conditions are not fully completed and there’s is still a lot to do.
My experience in front of True Mother is filled with awe and cannot be described in any form. I saw a very strong and beautiful True Mother with incredible spiritual energy that is changing the world order. I felt She is not alone. Heavenly Parent and True Father are with Her and a host of absolute good spirits and absolute good angels. The picture above that shows True Mother placing Her hands to bless all CheonBo Victors of Africa, seems to me like intuitionally not just one person. She is together with True Father giving blessings to the African continent. I saw a True Mother whose love flows to the whole world and loves Africa more than anyone else. It was a deep experience. Our family and Africa felt truly blessed and very grateful beyond any expression and moved to tears. It was truly an amazing grace!
In conclusion, it is a lot of responsibility for us now. The only words that could come out of me is “Thank you True Mother” for giving Africa, our nations, ancestors, our tribes, families and our couple such an unconditional blessing.
We feel very sorry to our True Mother. She would have loved to see many members achieve CheonBo but we were not enough.
Therefore, we made the determination and pledge internally without fail to be a true filial son and filial daughter. We must create a true blessed family and not just receiving award and recognitions but seriously thinking; ‘What can we give back?’ What can we give in return for such unconditional grace and blessings we have received from True Parents within the next 7 years, before the end of year 2027.
As our True Mother mentioned in her speech, that the families inducted as CheonBo on October 10, 2020 are the authentic citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, we pledge to keep the ideal of CheonBo and become clear and pure Heavenly treasures that will fulfill the dream of Heavenly Parent. We will bring victory, we will work hard to help others and work hard to guide and help our tribe. Aju!
Thank you True Parents. Thank you True Mother, we are very grateful.”
(2020 Special Blessing)