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I felt the presence of spirits comforting me2020-11-11


[Ms. N.P. (2nd gen) from Sweden]
“I am really grateful that we had this opportunity to meet up and have this event. I have had a tough year and have struggled to overcome certain challenging experiences recently, but having this experience today has really helped me in the process of healing. I don’t really have any spiritual experiences, but this time was special. It was during the chanyang session where I felt the presence of spirits comforting me. I felt a sense of healing where I felt caressed and comforted by them as if they were telling me: “We know the pain you have experienced but everything is going to be ok.” I felt loved and a lot of warmth which was overwhelming and made me cry a lot. I am so grateful for this experience and will keep it as a reminder that I have a lot of support and that God is always by my side.”

(Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Online Event)