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I prayed, and I heard a heavenly voice2020-11-11


[Ms. L.T. (50s) from Hungary] 
 “First of all, I’m really so grateful to you for the graces and allowing me to participate. Grateful to our True Parents for the love. I came to this event with a grateful heart. Coming in the prayer room is the first place I visited in our Peace Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.
I truly felt that God loves me, because when I finished writing all my wishes I could not easily stand up. So, I prayed and I heard a voice telling me that you wish for so many things, how about you, yourself, you don’t have any wish for yourself? When, I heard this, I felt truly that God loves me and He wants also that I have to care [for] myself. I could not stop crying even though I wanted to stop. For chanyang, I felt so grateful that during the clapping I felt like someone was rasing up my hands to hit the part on which I felt so my pain. Just a feeling of gratefulness that even I could not control my tears. Thank you very much for this chance and possibiliy. ”

(Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Online Event)