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Most of all I was deeply touched by the words of True Mother2020-11-22


[Ms. E.K. (6,000 Couples, 60s) from UK]

“I would like to talk about the dedication of the Hanwon-jib.

Most of all I was deeply touched by the words of True Mother.

Through her short speech I could profoundly feel how much she wishes to support and care for our Heavenly Parent;
how much she really loves our Heavenly Parent and wants to comfort our Heavenly Parent. Her words showed this motive and reason and they touched me most profoundly.

I have never felt this so deeply before. Such a personal feeling came from True Mother.

The performances were most appropriate. The attitude and words of the performers were so inspiring. Most of all the performances touched my original mind and deep emotions welled from deep down inside me.

I usually do not like it when the person who leads the cheers speaks. However I listened to Yeon-ah nim carefully and her sincerity filled my eyes with tears. Some hard knot within my heart was released and I felt power flow through me.

Most church members did not see the event. That is sad. Therefore if it is shown online to all members instead of Sunday service I think it would be good.

Finally I think that this event should be slightly edited and sent out to members as a witnessing tool. The reasons are:

1. The words of True Mother are so moving and automatically can help substantially lead into unification of all religions.

2. It is so profoundly obvious the extent to which True Mother loves both our Heavenly Parent and us too.

3. The words of the performers and their entire presentation, including costumes, facial expressions, pure sincere motivation etc are an amazing witness to who we are and what we encompass.

4. Such a program can touch anybody's original mind and can show the very heart of what True Mother and our movement are doing.