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I felt two large spirits behind my back2020-12-02


[A.G. from Russia]
“I was sitting in the back row. At the beginning of the event, I felt two large spirits behind my back. They were spiritually preparing for everyone who was coming. They felt very calm and noble.
The chanyang yeoksa was short and I did not have any special spiritual experiences during it.
At the Ancestor Blessing ceremony, when the spirits were invited to come in, they were calm, quiet, humble and respectable. I got a very good feeling from them. And more and more spirits kept coming in. There were so many! I don’t know how many. They filled the entire room, and even further, beyond the boundaries of the walls. There were so many they had to stand right next to each other. At that moment I recognized that the brothers and sisters who were here were also serving as representatives for other brothers and sisters who couldn't be with us at that moment.
Also, I was surprised to see that these spirits were grey when they came in. Later, during the Blessing Ceremony, I saw that the golden yellow light was changing to white starting from the bottom and moving up. It was so beautiful. And the color of the spirits also changed to white when the light touched them.”

(Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Online Event)