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The hair of True Mother seemed to have a beautiful grey light2020-12-16


[Ms. D.R. (40s) from Albania]
“Even though it seemed to me it was a short seminar, but it was a beautiful afternoon and I had a feeling like never before. The hair of True Mother, on the picture, seemed to have lots of grey light, it looked like a beautiful grey crown kept on True Mother’s head. I thought the light was shining on it and I started to look from different angles. But it remained the same. I moved left, right side and up, down but it did not change.
I asked myself, “What does it mean her hair like this?”
“There is no time! There is no time...” This sound came into my ears ... and I was crying, thinking how much time and joy we might have to return to True Mother’s heart, or hope to Heavenly Parent, how much time do we need? I prayed that I will use the time well and that I will bring joy and hope to Heavenly Parent. I thank for the CheonBo event because I don’t think that I would have had these experiences in other circumstances.”
(Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Online Event)