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It was a very intimate moment being close to my son2020-12-27


[N.N. (360,000 Couples) from Burkina Faso]
“Hello. I have waited so long for this day, and then on November 21, 2020, I received the message that our son had been matched. It was the most important day of my life. The most difficult time during this period of preparation for our child’s Blessing was preparing his outfit on the day of the ceremony. I had the feeling I was dressing my son for the first time. I burst into tears because I felt closer to him. It was a very intimate moment between him and I. During the blessing, I felt really close to him. In the evening we celebrated the victory at home with blessed families and friends. The spiritual world is really alive. I felt him with me several times and he was happy. Our sincere thanks to Heavenly Parents, True Parents, Rev. Lee Gi-seong and all his team.”
(Blessing Ceremony for Unmarried 2nd and 3rd Generation Spirits)