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Prayer-Wish Papers: Healing of Diseases - Now I Can See!2004-10-12


Amazing Miracles of the Prayer-Wish Papers: Healing of Diseases 5. Now I Can See! O.M., April 28, 2004, Fukuoka As the works of the Wish Prayer Gathering began, my eyes filled with tears. Then my deceased grandfather appeared and said, "It is so wonderful that someone witnessed to you! You have worked hard to follow this way. Thank you." Then a strange lady appeared and I could sense that she said, "I held resentment against your grandfather because he had treated me very cruelly. So, I made your eyes bad to make you aware of this, even though I knew that you were not a bad person. Now I thank you for your bringing me here. I will cure your eyes by all means. I am sorry for having made you suffer." Then I could feel my eyes were being washed. I had only been able to see dimly, like looking through frosted glasses. But at that point, a glaring light came into my eyes and I began to see clearly. It was a miracle. It gave me the power to live very hard.