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Correct Awareness of Sex2002-12-17


Lee, Hwami Fourth Grade, Sanggye Elementary School (The writer won the Superintendent of Educational Affairs Award for the city of Seoul in an essay contest on sexual purity.) I am a 4th grade elementary school student. Everyone should keep sexual purity, but as days go by there are times when we hear about distressing news. Nowadays, elementary school students act thoughtlessly or exercise violence recklessly. I was shocked to hear that last winter, around this time, elementary school students raped a first grader. How could this be? What is important is that these elementary school students raped the child out of curiosity. Even though they are curious, do they have to actually do the act to relieve their curiosity? Did the child who was abused stay calm when she knew that it was a bad deed? What the upper classman did in raping the first grader was bad, but the fact that the first grader did not quickly report what happened to an adult is not good as well. Nowadays, these kinds of incidents are occurring more and more. There are incidents occurring where even a boy raped another boy. In the past, our ancestors carried a sliver knife(unjangdo) with them to guard their body. We should follow our ancestors as examples. During sex education class, it is a time to understand how important our body is. During this time, we should not be talking, and we should try to listen carefully to what our teacher is saying. The body of a woman is precious in that she will bear a child. The fact that a woman is raped is a thing that should not occur. Man and woman are all human beings, but there is something that is different. Man with sperm and woman with an egg are able to create a baby. Indeed these children as they grow up are able to bear babies, and the world becomes more beautiful. At times this beauty breaks apart. In our classroom, the boys don’t act like this, but in other schools or in other classrooms, they make strange noises and do strange things and get scolded by their teachers. We don’t know whether these boys who act in these ways will become upper classmen who will rape a first grader. I sometimes watch on television that people who raped a woman were captured. Whenever I hear of these incidents, my mother says to me, “Be always careful of your body and mind.” I also will be careful as my mother said to me, and I want to say something to those boys who wield their force that cannot be seen to girls just because they are a little stronger. “We girls have a precious body to bear babies.” Since we girls have a precious body to bear babies, we need to protect ourselves to keep our body and mind clean. I need to protect my body with my own hands. No one else protects my body for me. We should keep sexual purity. No, we should guard it without fail. A wrong awareness about sex makes a body and mind that we can never restore. Not only does the body become dirty, but the mind gets a big scar. Before one makes this kind of mistake, what one needs to keep is sexual purity. We can feel and understand the difficulties of unmarried mothers, whose numbers are rising and whose age group is decreasing as days go by. This problem is the result of a wrong awareness about sex. The increase in sexual violence and sexual misconduct are also serious problems. These problems could also be a result of a wrong sexual awareness. The fact that these problems are on the rise as days go by is so distressing. These days when we hear news that people who committed rape or sexual misconduct were caught, there are people who say that they did it out of curiosity. Whenever I hear people who say this, I think to myself like this. “People’s excessive curiosity brings about events later on that they cannot be responsible for.” Marriage is to keep sexual purity. Sexual purity is beautiful and pure. Also to maintain it is difficult and it could bring one’s life into danger. Even though it is this way, society cannot live without it. If sexual purity is not kept, then we don’t know whether society will become a mess. In order for this to not happen, no, for the benefit of all of us, we should keep sexual purity.