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Name: Kim, Kyeonghae Blessing: 40 million couple, previously married Location: Kangwon Region, Samcheok Church God, Father, of much love! Thank you True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, and Dae Mo Nim! Whenever I thought to myself, “Could the contents of my experiences be a testimony?” it came to be time for holy song session. As I was organizing my thoughts while working hard in the holy song session, the hand of the person behind me who was slapping my shoulders communicated a lot of love. I was crying and sobbing to myself throughout the whole holy song session so much that my solar plexus and my uvula hurt. As this happened, the years that have gone by was passing by like a scene from a videotape. I started to attend the Unification Church from 1979 through the influence of my uncle. In 1988, at the time for the 6500 Couple Blessing, like the words from a lecturer, I packed up my belongings and married outside the Church. My younger brother and older brother got blessed on the same year and same month. Whenever my heart suddenly feels pain during daily life, whenever I start to regret, whenever my children get hurt a lot and make things difficult for me, and when my mother-in-law makes life difficult at times, you don’t know how much the baggage that I packed up without regrets weighs down on my heart. When I prayed sometimes at church, “Hananim, my Hananim! Do you see me? Please save me,” and came back home, I could not be in peace. When I was following my husband and mother-in-law who were Buddhists because I did not want to disobey, one day, misfortune suddenly came to our family. For one year and a half, my three children, mother-in-law and husband were in turns hospitalized and received surgery, and then were hospitalized and received surgery again. And during that time, I heard news from a monk that my husband will die. Then, I saw Dae Mo Nim’s words on ancestor liberation written on a slip of paper that was inside a book of a deaconess who frequently came to the flower shop that I was managing, and because of that tip I came running to Cheongpyeong. At that time. during the course to liberate and bless the ancestors, I did a 100 day condition, 40 day condition, and a 21 day condition. While we were praying after we brought our ancestors, who returned to earth after receiving the Blessing and the 40 Day True Family Workshop in spiritual world, home, my third child, who was five years old, was wailing loudly and sadly crying and my eleven year old second child was also crying. When I asked them what happened, they said that they did not know why tears came out and why they cried. When we heard this, my husband and I were trembling with fear. Before we knew it, my husband’s ulcer and inflammation of the stomach were all cured after visiting Cheongpyeong. When even the word of divorce came out, my husband now looked so lovable. Now, without envying any couple, we are living while loving and being affectionate to each other. I even saw True Parents blessing us in my dreams. Also, my husband who loves our children very much, is attending church diligently for the benefit it has on our children and is living with the Exposition of the Divine Principle always on his side. After hearing from church elders, I was waiting anxiously to attend the 14th registration workshop. After devoting oneself and participating in the 1st 40 day total mobilization for the Cosmic Pentecost, I entered Cheongpyeong Training Center. Even though in the first two days I was singing hard, went up the holy ground, and prayed in the Jeongshimwon prayer hall, I could not receive grace, was feeling tired, and my throat became hoarse, making me unable to say even a word. During the evening holy song session on the third day, I heard a voice that seemed like mine from the bottom of my heart saying, “Repent, do 1200 bows and donate earnestly.” After I heard this voice, I immediately ran to give a donation and started doing 1200 bows. In three days, I did 1200 bows and repented tearfully. Starting from the next day, I did 120 bows for 10 days for the health of my younger sibling, while being earnest and praying. During this time, when Reverend Kwak, Chunhwan came to speak for a special lecture and he opened the lid of a cup of water, the fragance of the water, giving off a cool feeling, got stuck in my nose. After that night, workshop life was full of grace and after that incident, I could smell fragrances several times. When I was doing hoondokhae or praying, I could feel a hand doing pricking ansoo on my throat. And after three days, my voice came back. I could also see holy visions of True Parents, and I could see visions of Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and Hoon Mo Nim. Above all, during the 7th day of my condition for the health of my younger sibling, at the holy ground, a vision of Hoon Mo Nim appeared behind my younger sibling and spouse who were praying, and while standing, Hoon Mo Nim opened their heads and was taking something out of them. After this, I immediately called my younger sibling. My younger sibling was getting his/her head check out for two days because his/her head hurt and had a fever after the third brain surgery. But there was nothing wrong with my younger sibling. When I heard that the headache and fever was gone, I knew that it was the work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. I was so grateful. I prayed, “Hananim, Chamboomonim, I am so grateful.” Through this registration workshop, I got to know that God and True Parents love no matter who the person is. From now on, I will not spend days of regret and suffering that is piled up with shadows of improper living. I will take the accusation of my children mixed with grudge that “Mother you gave birth to us after receiving the Blessing?” sweetly and will live with zeal and with gratitude for the love of True Parents
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