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Testimony by Jo Myungreh(Part 1)2002-12-17


Name: Jo Myungreh Blessing: 6500 couple Church: Singapore Church Hello. I participated in the 21-day workshop for blessed wives and had an incredible experience of the work of Cheongpyeong. I experienced first hand the work of separating spirits (from our body), which I only heard through words, and I experienced the existence of the omniscient and omnipotent God. I was blessed to a man from Singapore in 1988. At the time that I was blessed, he was holding a public mission, and he was a really good person. We were a happy couple with one son and three daughters, living under Heavenly Father’s and True Parents’ love and blessing. Since I was living in Singapore after being blessed, even though I heard about the blessed wives 21-day workshop at Cheongpyeong, I was not in a position that I could easily come. From the middle of May, I was planning to use one month of the summer vacation time to participate in the workshop, and so, I bought a plane ticket. Then, I called Cheongpyeong Training Center and inquired about when there will be a 21-day blessed wives workshop, but they told me that the schedule for May was not finalized. I was so disappointed, but since I wanted to visit my parents’ home and because I had the ardent heart to make time to pray at Cheongpyeong, I went on board the flight to Seoul. On May 23rd, I arrived and went directly to Cheongpyeong. The 21-day blessed wives workshop that I hoped so much for was going to start on May 25th. I was truly happy and I realized that there was a lot of support from spiritual world for me to come to this workshop. So, I participated in the workshop with all my heart. Starting with praying at the Jeongshimwon, I prayed in the holy ground and participated in the holy song sessions with all my heart. Then, on my back something like an index finger started to move. This thing started to wriggle all day long and moved around countless times. Therefore, I had the feeling that as Dae Mo Nim said in her words that this occurred because of the work of evil spirits that are in our body. Even though Dae Mo Nim said through the workshops that, “In our body, there are countless number of evil spirits that are stuck to our body in clusters,” since I did not see them through my physical eyes, I did not take these words to heart. But thinking about the spirit that is wriggling and moving around my body, I could not but become serious. Therefore, at holy song session, I asked the person behind to hit me hard, and I tried up to my ability to separate spirits with all my heart, but there was no change. Even during hoondokhae time, there was something that was inside wriggling and moving around my body that I could not read since it got to my nerves. Time went fast and because of the thought that I might even take the spirit with me back home, I was becoming even restless. So, I set three days to make a time for special devotion, and I went to the Jeongshimwon and made a special donation, did 120 bows and repented tearfully and participated with all my heart and soul in the holy song session. I prayed earnestly, “Heavenly Father, who is this that is wriggling inside my body? Show me even in my dreams.” That night, I dreamed that a child was crying and searching for the child’s mother so much that the child’s throat was choking. The next day, I asked the sister who was behind me that, “Since this spirit does not seem to be an evil spirit but a very sad spirit, do not hit very hard but slap me with a heart to console the spirit. After the holy song session, the sister who was sitting behind me said that she saw a vision of a child who was crying and searching for the child’s mother in a very dark place. Also, another sister, who was sitting beside me, came to me and said that she spiritually saw a child that was stuck to my back, who was calling the child’s mother and crying. Then the sister asked me, “I had the feeling that the child seemed to be your older sister. Did you have a sister who died when you were young?” At that moment, I could not help but weep loudly. In fact, among my brothers and sisters, my older sister passed away from polio when my mother was pregnant with me. I heard this later that because my sister did not want to die alone she beg my mother to die together. When I heard of this, I pitied my sister very much. After this, my sister was always in my heart when I was growing up. Also, I prayed to God. While crying, I earnestly prayed several times, “Heavenly Father, because my sister is so young, please send a nurse angel. Since my sister is around seven years old, please send an angel and take my sister to spiritual world.” After offering this prayer, at holy song session time, many of my ancestors, who became absolute good spirits, came down and were waiting in mid-air, and angels pulled my sister’s hand and told her to go, but she didn’t want to go. Angels pulled my sister’s wrist again, and my sister grabbed the angel’s hand and went and was waving to my direction, thanking me and greeting me and went farther away. (End of Part 1)
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