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Testimony by Jo Myungreh (Part 2)2002-12-17


Name: Jo Myungreh Blessing: 6500 couple Church: Singapore church Suddenly an uneasy feeling came to me by surprise. As my hand and feet became cold, I was dripping cold sweat and because of my anxiety that I could not bear, I thought I was going to become crazy. When it became morning on the next day, I was planning to pray at the Jeongshimwon, but I became so uneasy and irritated that it became a burden for me to pray, to sing, and to hoondok even one character. Therefore, I requested to personally meet Dae Mo Nim. When Dae Mo Nim saw me, she said, “Sister, you should attend the 40-day workshop. If you don’t, then an accident will happen in your family and many difficulties will occur.” I asked Dae Mo Nim, “Why is this happening to me? I tried to work hard in separating spirits (from my body)?” Dae Mo Nim replied, “Because you worked hard, the spirits in the outer layer were taken out and the spirits that were inside came out. Think of this as a blessing and separate evil spirits with a grateful heart.” To be honest, in the beginning I was not convinced, and I was in the dark as to what to do, and my spirit was very down. Every day matters such as who could look after my children and who could take them to school for 40 days were a problem, but I was on the brink of stopping to breathe due to my uneasiness of whether I could actually take out the big spirit that was bothering me in 40 days. But because I had to survive, I asked Dae Mo Nim once more, “Dae Mo Nim I fear praying at the Jeongshimwon. I couldn’t eat anything the whole day, and I can’t sing or do hoondokhae. What can I do?” Dae Mo Nim replied, “Sister, gain victory through your mental power, make conditions at the Jeongshimwon as you did before, eat even if you have to force yourself, and work hard in singing and doing hoondokhae. You have absolute good spirits after you did the ancestor liberation ceremony and the ancestor blessing, right? Ask your ancestors who became absolute good spirits to help you.” I tried to eat something at the dining hall as Dae Mo Nim told me, but I couldn’t eat anything. I was afraid to sit in the front, and so I sat in the back. Also, when I tried to pray at the Jeongshimwon, I felt as if a dark body was pressing down on me. I felt like I was going to die. In order for me to get a grip on myself, I tried desperately. I ran to the telephone booth and I asked my brothers and sisters and my mother to join hands in praying and being earnest for me, and then I attended the hoondokhae session. But because I was so uneasy and anxious, I was distressed and was on the brink of going crazy so much that I wanted to dash out. At that moment, suddenly Dae Mo Nim’s word to ask for the help of absolute good spirits came to my mind. Therefore, I earnestly made a prayer. “Father, grandfather, and grandmother please help me. Please get a hold on me so that I can do hoondokhae.” Then, whether it was true or false, my heart became calm and my thinking became clear so that I could do hoondokhae. At this time, I felt keenly to my bones how important and urgent it is do to the ancestor liberation ceremony and blessing. From that moment on, I began to have confidence. I said to myself, “Oh, absolute good spirits are truly alive and are assisting me. Therefore, there is nothing to fear.” Moreover, I could understand Dae Mo Nim’s words how she would not exchange an absolute good spirit for a 100 billion won. From that night on, I tried my best to attend the workshop with a grateful heart. Whenever I felt that I was spiritually troubled, I searched for the absolute good spirits and grabbed on to them. Among my family members who came for the registration blessing workshop, I sent my children back to Singapore, and my husband and I registered for the 40 day workshop. My husband comforted me saying that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished if the husband and wife are united, and together we were earnest and attended the workshop with all our hearts. We liberated our ancestors up to the 42nd generation on the father’s and mother’s sides, and we reflected and repented upon the manner that we dealt with our children as parents. Just then, I actually felt that many spirits were separated from my body, and when I dozed off during hoondokhae time after working hard (during holy song sessions), absolute good spirits frequently came and shook me to wake up. In the beginning when each spirit was separated, I did not know what to do because it was slightly tiring and because I was losing confidence. I realized that the force that supported me and made me to live did not come from heaven but rather it came from the evil spirits that have fallen nature. As I prayed with tears so that the places that were left empty in my body by the evil spirits could be filled with the absolute good spirits, new strength and confidence was sprouting in me, more and more. Until now, I could live a mediocre life centered on my fallen nature without much problem, but now after the Coronation of God’s Kingship and when both good and evil spirits have returned to earth, living an mediocre life does not work. And without liberating our ancestors and without receiving their assistance, I felt keenly that there is absolutely no way to live. When the 40 days was almost over, Dae Mo Nim called the participants one by one and gave ansoo. My husband had always a lot of gas in his stomach and suffered from stomach pain, but after the 40 days his stomach did not bother him at all, as if had lied before. God! True Parents! Thank you very much! You gave me a great grace to a person who had no choice but to die. You gave me rebirth and gave me another opportunity to live a true life. From this incident, I will make effort to absolutely attend God and True Parents and to be a center for absolute goodness. Thank you very much.