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I safely gave birth to my baby2002-12-17


Name: Hiroko Kito Church: North Kanagawa Regional Church, Japan The fact that I could attend was a miracle. After the sixth 21-Day Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives, I became pregnant with my third child, but because I felt that the fetus was going to abort, I was trying to be safe with the baby until the fifth month. After attending two three-day workshops in June, I made a determination to attend the 40-day workshop, because if I didn’t, then I had the thought that something bad would happen to the baby. I prayed while crying that I could attend the workshop without fail, and when I returned to Japan, someone agreed to look after my children while I attend the workshop in Cheongpyeong. Because two of my children were born with defects and because I wanted my third child to be spiritually cleansed through the 40-day workshop, I, while risking my life and pushing everything aside, attended the workshop. It was difficult to participate in the 40-Day Workshop with 5,000 21-Day Registration Workshop members around, when I was 8 months pregnant. But because a healthy sister could help me out, I could feel God’s love very much. I thought this is what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. I was spending disturbing days because, speaking from the heart, I was not shedding tears of repentance as I did when I was attending the 21-Day Registration Workshop. It was at the afternoon holy song session around the 21th day of my workshop. When I transcended my physical limits and was doing spiritual works, suddenly my hand felt very light, and I was overflowing with energy as if an angel went inside of me, and I became very healthy. As if some spirits went out of me, my body felt very peaceful and I could concentrate on doing hoondokhae and in the holy song sessions. When I met personally with Dae Mo Nim, and when she said, “There is a problem with your baby, but it would be good if you do the 40 days,” I was shocked as if the heaven was going to fall down to the ground. I prayed saying, “Why is it that three of my children have problems?” Physically, I was already nine months pregnant. My husband also encouraged me by saying, “During the 56th 40-Day Workshop, work at least three times as much as other people, gain victory and return.” Since I was in a situation that I could not extend my workshop, I desperately prayed and attended the hoondokhae sessions and holy song sessions with the mindset that I must work at least three times harder than other participants. While praying, I had the thought come to my mind, that more than my baby, the fact that I lived up to now centered on Satan was a greater problem, and I felt I must repent for this. I felt that my baby came to have a problem in order to teach me this point. Whenever I did hoondokhae, because what my husband said to me was the same, I realized after such a long time that my husband is a praiseworthy person, that if only I make effort we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. I felt God’s love through the words of director Moon, who said in his lecture that it is important to substantially experience that you are receiving love from God, and through the features of Hoon Mo Nim and the lecturers, who tried to lead us with always a smiling face. Prayers that were made in the Jeongshimwon were heard by angels, and the requests were surely realized. In the past, after the 21-Day Registration Workshop and the Registration Blessing, there was a request for Dae Mo Nim to ansoo a baby that had a hole in the baby’s heart, but the situation was such that she could not ansoo the baby. But the mother prayed in the Jeongshimwon, while crying, and extended her workshop period, and without giving up she attended the holy song sessions. At the last holy song session, Mrs. Han ansooed the baby. After finishing the workshop, returning home and getting the baby checked out in the hospital, the doctors found the hole in the baby’s heart to be sealed. I invested all my heart and soul thinking that the problem with the baby inside my womb will for certain be all right. Dae Mo Nim said that she will look at the baby once more before I return to Japan. I asked the angels and desperately repented and invested myself until Dae Mo Nim returned from her tour overseas. I was urgent because I could not extend my workshop. After Dae Mo Nim returned from overseas, she was able to look at my baby with the people who came for special ansoo at the 3 day workshop. When Dae Mo Nim said, “It is ok for you for return to Japan,” I felt that my earnest prayer was received, and I felt God’s, True Parents’, Heung Jin Nim’s and Dae Mo Nim’s deep parental love. My 40-day workshop was a time when I had trials and received grace so that I could be reborn. When I think that if I didn’t come to this workshop that there would have been a problem with my baby and that I would have been living without separating from Satan, my body shake and fear rush inside of me. When I heard my husband say, “The real problem is how I am going to live when I return home,” I made a new determination that I must repent more that more than my baby I, myself, am the problem. I sincerely thank the Cheongpyeong staff and brother and sisters. When I return to Japan I want to practice my life of faith with all my heart. Thank you very much.