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109th Cheongpyeong 40 Day Workshop Testimony: The Realization2006-12-20


This time was my first 40 days Workshop in Cheongpyeong and from the 1st day on I already felt a big difference, spiritually. The reason I came here this time was to prepare myself for the Blessing, so I wanted to use the time here to cleanse myself from evil spirits, to truly repent on the sins that I’ve committed in my life, and concentrate to remove fallen nature. I wanted to also strengthen my faith and my relationship with God.

I can really see how much I changed now than before I came to Cheongpyeong. Spiritually I feel so much lighter and I feel so much peace in my self. I also came to realize more of my value, gained so much knowledge and understanding about the Divine Principle, spirit world, and the ancestors. I realized how ignorant I was and how much time I was wasting by living a self centered life. I came to understand my limitations in many ways and how important it is to strengthen my conscience, my original mind.

Actually so far I haven’t had any special spiritual experiences that I want to write, but I know that I could receive so much grace and blessings and I’m truly grateful for God that he gave me the opportunity to come here.

I am grateful for each day that I could repent here in Cheongpyeong, because I’ve gained and received so much and I wouldn’t be able to have any of these experiences anywhere else. So all I can say is a lot of thanks to God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and my ancestors.

Yuka Nishijima, 2nd Generation, Vienna, Austria, 109th Cheongpyeong 40 Day Workshop