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109th Cheongpyeong 40 Day Workshop Testimony: Regaining the Relationship2006-12-20


I always felt like my ancestors pushing me to participate the Cheongpyeong 21 days and 40 days Workshops, however, I have always postponed it. Finally, I planed to join the 110th 40 Day Cheongpyeong Workshop, but my spiritual mother called me to join her in the 109th 40 Day Cheongpyeong Workshop. She told me that during this workshop, there will be the ‘Special Works to commemorate the 800th Cheongpyeong Workshop’ where angels and 300 billion of the Absolute Good Spirits will be mobilized providing special works and one of the grace was removing evil spirits that caused sterility. Since I was sterile, I decided to join in this 40 Days workshop with my spiritual mother.

Me and my spiritual mother, deep down in our hearts were always fighting and not accepting each other. We always had difficulty understanding each other and I thought that this could be an opportunity to regain our relationship.

During a Holy Song Session, she was behind me and was removing evil spirits from my back. It was painful that I felt really angry towards her. When I realized that I was feeling that emotion I cried, and couldn’t stop the tears flowing from my eyes. I repented for the anger I had against her and afterwards we hugged each other. We were able to say sorry to each other and I’m truly grateful for having this experience.

Thank you, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim.

Porntip Morala, 360,000 Couples, Philippines