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110th Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshop Testimony: Special Healings from Dae Mo Nim and the Angels2007-01-16


I had several special experiences but I would like to share and emphasize on 2 of my experiences.

My first experience was at the ‘Water of Life’. I arrived in Cheongpyeong on November 4, 2006, to participate in this 110th Cheongpyeong 40 Day Workshop.

The next morning I saw other trainees walking towards the Holy Ground for morning prayer. I have some sort of sickness and my abdomen got swollen, which made it really difficult for me to walk or apply any sort of pressure. Despite the pain I decided to follow these people.

As I got to the ‘Water of Life’ I saw other members drinking the water, so I also did the same and continued with the journey of climbing the mountain.

Halfway towards the peak, I felt warmness and some movement in my abdomen. Before I could stop and check, I had a sudden urge to urinate. I decided to continue and walk up the mountain; I made a brief prayer at the ‘Tree of Blessing’ and hurried down the mountain to the nearest restroom.

It felt like the longest urination ever, and what came out was dirty brownish color of urine.

Then I realized that my abdomen wasn’t swollen anymore, and now I can move freely without any sort of pain or suffering. I thank Heavenly Father, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and the Angels for this special healing.

The 2nd miracle that I experienced was during the Special Prayer. After Dae Mo Nim arranged our positions, she said, ‘Remove spirits continuously on the part area in which you are having a problem’.

Prior to this, I already decided to concentrate on my stomach. I had 2 cesarean and also had to go through an operation to remove a dead baby from me. Since then I always felt something in my stomach, like a snake crawling within me.

The Special Prayer is divided into 2 parts. And in the 2nd part of the Special Prayer, Dae Mo Nim came to me.

As I was earnestly removing spirits from my stomach region, Dae Mo Nim bent down and touched my stomach. All of a sudden, I felt like an electric shock, and then warmness inside my stomach. Since that very moment I haven’t noticed any discomfort or pain in my stomach. Again, I thank Heavenly Father, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for such a huge grace.

L.C, 40,000,000 Blessed Couple, Guinea-Bissau, National church