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110th Cheongpyeong 40-Day Workshop Testimony: Forgiveness is given when asked for2007-01-17


After couple of weeks into my 110th Cheongpyeong 40-Day Special Workshop, I had a sudden urge to clearly renew my entire life with Heavenly Father, so I went to the Jeongshim Won (Prayer Hall) to pray.

I brought a piece of paper and a pen with me. I made a list of the periods of my life listed in groups of 7 years, down the left side of the page. For example: 1-7 years, 8-14 years, etc. then I wrote the major events that happened in my life during those years. Then I wrote on the right side, the actual years of those periods, for example, 1956-1963, 1964-1970, etc. and next to that I wrote what True Parents were doing during those years. Then when I had briefly written everything down, I began to pray and repent about my life and the lives of my ancestors. The prayer was extremely up lifting, and when I was finished I went to the Holy Song Session.

I felt elated to be doing a Holy Song Session-I was really excited as I had never been for previous sessions. As soon as the session began, I began to repent for my ancestors’ sins, specifically for the sins that cause me to have bad dreams and feelings.

Very soon, a spirit came to me and began to tell me what had happened to her. It was extremely sad and I couldn’t stop crying. I felt so sad for what had happened to her; she explained how she had been hurt physically and spiritually. She was yelling and I was crying uncontrollably. I told her that she could help make sure that this would not happen to others in the future. I told her that if she went to Heung Jin Nim’s workshop in the spirit world that I would pray and ask Heavenly Father to have Heung Jin Nim embrace her as her sister. She said she would go, afterwards I realized that her presence in the life of my family had affected 3 generations of our lives.

I thank Heavenly Father, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for giving me such experience.

D.A., 2075 Blessed Couple, New hope Church, Washington D.C. U.S.A