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17th 8-Day Workshop testimony: You are really here!2007-02-06


Oh God, you are really here!

All the work and foundation that has been created here physically and spiritually is all done to create the place that we can experience the process of recreating ourselves spiritually and physically. Its all from the love of God, True Parents, Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim, so much has been done so that we can like little children learn little by little, step by step.

At Jeongshim Won (Prayer Hall) and at the Tree of Blessing everyday personal guidance emerged to create my walk. It came from within me my heart, mind and body, each day had been a conversation with God, my mind, and my conscience. I’m so grateful for the quiet care flowing like a spring from within.

Also so many opportunities to be struck with the grace of God that brought tears, so many times and places, love was confirmed, reassurance settled in.

But God didn’t stop. There were so many light moments. Funny reminders in Jeongshim Won, a phrase that lightened my heart and brought joy, and helped me presence myself more authentically.

Such a rich full course of these 8-days that has shifted me one step more toward reaching and owning my true character and being able to share it with my wife and others. God Bless.

Alexander Nimick, 2075 Blessed Couples, Vermont, U.S.A, 8day Workshop for blessed husbands, 17th Special 8-day Workshops for Worldwide Registered Blessed Husbands (July 30 – August 6, 2005)