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17th 8-Day Workshop testimony: Love Your Enemy2007-02-06


I have been in the church since 1980 and for the past 17 years I have been working in Japan. I was blessed to my Japanese wife in 1988 in Korea. Since then I have been in Japan and I have been both studying and teaching a Japanese martial art called ‘Aikido’. My desire is to help people to improve their health by unifying their minds and body and become universal people that can love and protect all things and all people.

During this workshop, Heavenly Father taught me the real meaning of self defense, which is to ‘Love Your Enemy’. I learned about resentful spirits that want to dominate me. Instead of responding with hate and anger I realized I had to look into the reason for why the spirits became resentful. Then I quickly understood the reason and took the responsibility to repent for the sins my ancestors and I caused.

I come from Ireland and I learned that some Irish people have hurt black people by taking them to other countries and making them slaves. For this I must deeply repent. I love my black brothers and sisters and I truly am sorry for what my people have done. My son is 12 years old he has had headaches since he was a small child. Doctors say there is nothing wrong with him, so why does he have pain? I learned it’s probably because resentful spirits are inside him. As his father I have to offer more spiritual conditions to protect him.

It is easy to say I love my wife and son but in the past I have been caught up in my work. I usually teach about 10 hours a day and about 6 days a week. When I come home I feel tired I don’t want to talk, so I eat watch TV and talk a little to my wife and son. I feel I need to spend more time communicating with my family. This I will do from now on.

Love from Heavenly Father can heal all wounds. For me I need to use True Love to open the hearts of others. This I am determined to do from this day on. All people want love and respect. We as Heavenly Father’s children have the ability and the knowledge of how to put an end to the suffering of Heavenly Father and True Parents. I pray all people will come to Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center and experience the living God for them selves.

Thank you.

Martin Acton, 6500 Blessed Couples, Aobadai Church, North Kanagawa Parish, Japan, 17th Special 8-Day Workshops for Worldwide Registered Blessed Husbands (July 30 – August 6, 2005)