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“I got pregnant with absolute faith.”2002-12-17


Title: “I got pregnant with absolute faith.” Name: Gunko Yamane I have a collagen disease. The cause of the disease is obscure and because this disease creates a problem in my immune system, it is advisable not to have a baby because of the burden it gives to the mother. This is my fourth 40-day workshop. Because the cause of collagen disease is unclear, I thought I could cure it only at Cheongpyeong. Therefore, before starting family life in the spring of 1997, I participated in my first workshop. After that, on December 1998, I met with Dae Mo Nim at Cheongpyeong. At that time, Dae Mo Nim said, “Your blood is impure and you have to circulate your blood. Also, it is not good at this time to have a baby.” I was shocked, but I did not change my mind to realize the four-position foundation. In order for my body to get better, I felt there is no other way but at Cheongpyeong, but I did not have confidence to participate in the 40-day workshop. But then, internally I determined to stay at Cheongpyeong until I will be cured and participated in my second 40-day workshop on May 1999. When I finished my second 40-day workshop, Dae Mo Nim said, “It is alright for you to go back home. Just for saving your life, you should be grateful to Heavenly Father.” I thought again that if it were not for the work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, I would be an individual who had no choice but to die, and also I realized how fearful spirits can be. After two and a half years, I passed through several phases of the heart. But I believed that I could have a baby because Dae Mo Nim did not say that having a baby was difficult for me, and then, I was able to become pregnant. At this workshop, when Dae Mo Nim was praying and giving ansoo, she said, “It is a miracle that you were able to become pregnant with the body that you have.” She also said that the grace of liberating your ancestors was big, and Dae Mo Nim said that it was good that I did not go back home in the middle of my 40-day workshop two years ago, but worked hard until she said it was ok for me to go back. This 40-day workshop is for me to bear a healthy child. I also think that participating in this workshop will make God and True Parents happy. I made a lot of effort as a duty of a mother. I will not forget the grace of Cheongpyeong, and I will pray and make effort so that I will safely give birth to my baby. Since the effort that I make in the future is important, I will continue to work hard. I am living gratefully for God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim.