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Cheongpyeong Is A Place Where Miracles Are Made.2002-12-17


(By Suzuki Goomi, 7th 21-Day Registration Workshop member, North-West Tokyo Region) During Hoondokhae sessions, Father’s Prayer was very inspiring. I thought to myself that even though he is a sinless person, how does he know so well about heart of fallen people. Truly I felt that True Father is the Messiah, and we are the true mediators that lead mankind to God. True Father is the perfected being of love, and he even loves his enemies. I thought that his enemies were those that were shouting out for communism such as Kim, Il Sung, Kim, Jong Il and Gorbachev. But what I realized after praying was that I was an enemy to True Father. Even though True Father invested his life, set up difficult indemnity conditions, and even blessed us, I became distant to a life of centering on God and True Parents by repeating a lifestyle that was full of my fallen nature. We were supposed to be a foundation that could protect True Family, but on the contrary we became conditions that Satan could claim, and as a result True Family became the sacrifice. Truly, I feel so sorry for this. I felt God’s and True Parent’s sorrowful hearts in that they could not throw us away even when we were like that. I am grateful for them giving us such a special workshop. From now on, I want to try to get rid, even a little bit, of my fallen nature. I came to Cheongpyeong from the early stages of the Cheongpyeong Providence. Because I was not becoming pregnant, I would come every two or three months. After the third time that I came to Cheongpyeong, I became pregnant. I wanted to come to Cheongpyeong immediately, but since I had a bad morning sickness and because my husband asked if I could go a little bit later, I prolonged and prolonged coming to Cheongpyeong. After I was six months pregnant, I was able to come to Cheongpyeong. When I was accidentally passing by the former Prayer Hall, Hoon Mo Nim and Mrs. Han were standing around. Mrs. Han said to me, “Mrs. Masuyama, what has happened? There are so many spirits attached to your stomach.” Hoon Mo Nim said, “I don’t know what kind of baby will come out. Why didn’t you come here sooner? It is not a problem for the baby to be born, but the problem is what to do after the baby is born.” Hoon Mo Nim said for me to come to Cheongpyeong every month until the baby is born. Until now, when I visited the gynecologist, the doctor did not say anything to me, but after attending the Cheongpyeong workshop and going for a regular check up, the doctor said, “I don’t know whether the fetus is deformed. There is no urine in the bladder. The kidneys on both sides have swelled up as if they have lost their functional abilities. Once the baby is born, the baby immediately has to have surgery.” After I heard this, the future seemed pitch-dark. However, I believed in the work of Cheongpyeong, and I planned to attend with all my heart. When I went to Cheongpyeong the next month, I attended the workshop with the intention to go in the special ansoo session. During the special ansoo session, Dae Mo Nim said to me, “Why did you come here? If you attended the holy song session with all your heart, then you could separate the spirits.” I discovered myself to be an individual who depended on the work of Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and Hoon Mo Nim but did not fulfill my five-percent responsibility. I felt strongly that without repentance it is difficult to separate evil spirits from our bodies. After this realization, I came to Cheongpyeong every month. And at the last month of pregnancy, truly as a grace, since there was accidentally a 21-Day Church Leader and Wife Workshop, I attended it. A short while after the workshop, I gave birth, and the baby was healthy. Now it has been four years and six months. I am truly grateful that because of the grace of Cheongpyeong, my baby was born all right.