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Prayer-Wish Papers: Spiritual Experiences - Letter from Deceased Grandmother2004-10-12


Amazing Miracles of the Prayer-Wish Papers: Spiritual Experiences 1. My Deceased Grandmother Told Me, "I Want to Write a Letter to My Son" T.T., March 28, 2004, Tokyo Ms. T. had experienced spiritual pressure several times. On March 28th, she felt spiritual pressure again after learning the Words and lay down, sobbing. We sang holy songs and prayed. Then her grandmother (her father’s mother) appeared through her and made an appeal to her to write a letter to her son (Ms. T.’s father). We gave her a pen and a piece of paper and she started to write seriously, asking Ms. T’s father to go to the Wish Prayer Gathering with Ms. T. The following is the excerpt from the letter: “Come to Chiba Port Arena on April 15th. Your mother is writing this letter. Please come or you’ll be in a danger. I have been in pain and I noticed you have as well. Now you are safe. Please come with T. Please believe in what she says. Please understand her and come with T. and don’t get angry. She is telling the truth. I know you are having a hard time now, but please come to the rally. I am with T. Believe T. and come with her.”