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Heavenly Latin America Hyojeong CheonBo Colombia Special Event: I saw Heung-jim nim in front of all the spirits2019-07-30


“When we were removing the evil spirits on the first day, I started feeling that there were some people around me, and I started feeling that they were me. Some of them touched my head but I did not feel afraid because they were very happy and grateful. Everything was so beautiful, and I started feeling deep joy in my heart. When we got to the place where we were staying at night, I was trying to stay focused on the purpose and the meaning of the workshop. When I went into the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, I saw some brown spots in my mouth, and the lower part of my face was brown. Then I ran to the dining room and I looked at my face in another mirror, but in that mirror, there were no brown marks on my face. I tried to understand what this meant, and I said, “Okay, if you want to show me something and if I need to do something with this lower part of my face, I will do it.”
The next day I was thinking about that lower part of my face, so I was waiting for the face part of the chanyang, so I could start to remove evil spirts from that area, but as soon as we started, I began to see a lot of people around us. Most of them they were dressed in light-colored clothes and some of them were wearing gray clothes. I stared at them, trying to see if I could recognize any of them. There were many I did not recognize, but I could recognize some relatives from my father’s side of the family. There were many others that I did not recognize, but they had such an amazing feeling of peace. I saw my father next to my mother when the leader came to her to remove the evil spirits from her head. I could see that he was very powerful, and it was amazing how much energy he had. But it was not only him, I also saw many other people I knew from different parts of the family. When I closed my eyes, I saw the same thing. I saw a beautiful grassy field where everybody was dancing like they were floating in the air.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Heung-jim nim in front of all the spirits and it was amazing. Then I thought, “This is not real,” but before I could even finish that thought, he showed me a book. He showed me the Victory of Love. That is when I start crying. I couldn´t believe this could be real, and I felt such joy and gratitude toward the spirits who were there. It was amazing. I don't know when all of this occurred, because I was lost in time, but at that moment I suddenly felt like someone was touching my head and it was my elder brother. When he put his hand on my head, I felt a spirit leaving my head with great effort. I was like he was just pulled right up to the ceiling. It is hard to explain what it was like. I saw my grandfather from my father's side next to my elder brother. Sometimes I could feel my grandmother next to me, but the one who moved the most was my father. He was trying to get close to all of us. My father was trying to go to my mother, to my brother, to come to me, and then to go to my mother again.”