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(004) Online Pilgrimage to Five Trees2021-05-01


Online Pilgrimage to Five Trees:
Tree of Love, Tree of Heart, Tree of All Things, Tree of Loyalty, and Tree of Blessing (Cheonseung Dae)

Tree of Love
The stately and inviting willow tree that stands between the CheonShim Won prayer hall and the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace is the Tree of Love. During the year 2000, until construction of JeongShim Won, which we now know as CheonShim Won, was completed, prayers were held at the Tree of Love every evening.
The Tree of Love is the tree where we can feel the love of Heavenly Parent and pray that original true love, which has been lost, can be recovered.
As we are living in this world which does not know true love, and instead is full of false love, we offer prayers here to replenish the love in our hearts which has dried up, to get rid of the feelings of hate which are stuck in our hearts, and restore our hope, our dreams and our pure love. 
Let’s reflect on how much we have been able to feel Heavenly Parent’s love and how much we have been able to practice true love.

Tree of Heart
The Tree of Heart, a mulberry tree, in the heart of the mountain, welcomes members who have climbed up the path that passes the CheonBo Education Center.
Like the mulberry tree where Zacchaeus, who was too short to see over the heads of the crowd, climbed and waited to get a glimpse of Jesus in Luke 19:1, the Tree of Heart is the place where we pray about our longing to see True Parents and to inherit True Parents’ heart.
In 1971 True Parents built the Won Seongjeon (Original Sanctuary) on the riverbank among the mulberry trees, opening the Cheongpyeong Training Center, which has now become a holy ground which reaches out for the hearts of all humanity
True Parents have also told us, “Cheongpyeong must be a tree of heart that can remain even if it embraces all the nations of the world.”
Today, in front of the Tree of Heart, which represents those words, let’s confess what is in our hearts and take a moment to listen.

Tree of All Things
Nestled nearby the Tree of Heart, up a few stone steps, is the refreshing chestnut tree which is the Tree of All Things.
The Tree of All Things represents prosperity in descendants and material things and is the place where we pray to achieve loving dominion over the created world. Every year during the Autumn Hyojeong CheonBo Special Great Works a Tree of All Things prayer is held here.
True Parents have prayed for us to become Heavenly Parent’s sons and daughters who will love the world and the things of the world, emphasizing that we must be people who will not cause problems for all things, but will care for all things, and that what the things of creation long for most is to be governed by true people.
More than anyone else True Parents earnestly desire that we deeply understand the value of nature so that we can become its true owners, that we can become those who are qualified to govern the world as true owners.
Let’s offer a prayer of determination to live a life of jeongseong, so that heaven can shower us with abundant blessings of prosperity.

Tree of Loyalty
As a pine tree, which remains green through all the seasons of the year, the Tree of Loyalty is the tree where we can pray to offer our unchanging heart of loyalty to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. 
The unchanging spirit of the pine tree represents the unchanging spirit and fidelity of a loyal subject and reminds us of the righteous people throughout the ages who sacrificed themselves out of their unchanging devotion for their king.
In front of the Tree of Loyalty, we can resolve to offer our loyalty and filial devotion before Heavenly Parent and True Parents and offer repentance to set our weak and wavering hearts on the right path.
We will promise firmly in front of Heaven that, with vibrant life energy and spirit, we will conquer the temptations of Satan to conclude the providence of restoration, taking on our mission with the attitude of the loyal martyrs of the past. 
“Grant that we may become an unchanging CheonBo family.”

Tree of Blessing 
(Cheonseung Dae)
Cheonseung Dae, where the banks of Cheonshim Lake and the surrounding mountainside can all be seen in a single glance, is a holy ground where True Parents have gone since the 1970s to offer prayers and jeongseong to formulate their plans for the worldwide mission and gain vision for the future.
Also, on January 4, 1996, True Parents named the Korean pine tree at the front side of Cheonseung Dae the Tree of Blessing.
The Tree of Blessing is a channel where Heavenly Parent can send down blessings. 
It is a place where we can feel we are embraced in the bosom of Heavenly Parent as true children who have regained the original form intended for us since the Creation.
Feeling Heavenly Parent’s love and blessing with our whole body as we offer prayers for Heaven’s blessing, we pledge to move toward the hope and ideal of the blessing, the realization of one global family of humankind
“I will return gratitude for the blessings I have received, and will become a child with hyojeong, who can receive and share heaven’s blessings.”

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