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400 Million Couples (First through Fifth Phases) Blessed Wives Cheongpyeong 40-Day Special Workshop (89th Cheongpyeong 40-day Workshop)

 *The 89th Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop will be held from November 20th to December 29th. The Blessed Wives Cheongpyeong 40-day Special Workshop will also be held during the same time period for the wives of the 400 Million Couples (1st~5th phases).

After saying that all blessed families must attend the Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop, Father gave the following words:

“In the Cheon Il Guk era, you must live with an understanding of the spiritual world. Also, attending the Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop is the required course for resembling God and True Parents and for inheriting heavenly fortune. Starting with national messiahs and church leaders, all blessed families must participate in the Cheongpyeong 40-day Workshop.” (10.8.2002)

In addition, he also emphasized that second generation must attend the Cheongpyeong 40-day workshop:

“You need to come to Cheongpyeong and clean up all the things that were corrupted through Satan’s blood lineage. Starting from the second generation, you need to set the standard upon which the good spiritual world can help you. All second generation must participate in the 40-day workshop. During that time, if they fail to have spiritual experiences and do not separate themselves (from evil), then they have to stay for 120 days, or even for six months.” (True Father’s Speeches, Vol. 289, p. 302, 2.2.1998)

We hope that many members can attend this Cheongpyeong 40-day Workshop and receive amazing grace. Further details are as below:


1.  Schedule: November 20 ~ December 29, 2004 (Please make effort to arrive on schedule. However, if coming late, you may register until December 1st (Sat). Please contact the International Office at 82-31-589-7188 if circumstances make it difficult to arrive by this time. Note that you must complete the full 40-day period and that you will need to make up the missed time after the workshop has officially concluded.)

2.  Hoondok Materials: Divine Principle, Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom (Vol. 1), Father’s Prayers, Earthly Life and Spirit World, Vol. 1 & 2 (Blessed wives wishing to join either the Korean or Japanese group are advised to review the notices posted on the respective websites for slight variations in hoondok material.)

3. Materials to Prepare: White t-shirts (at least three), thin pants (for holy song sessions), shoe bag, umbrella/raingear, toiletries, personal medication, FM radio, comfortable shoes, socks, shoe bag, one passport size photo, donation of gratitude, set of dress clothes, holy robes and blessing ring (for those who will participate in the ancestor blessing ceremony)

4. Workshop Fee: 600,000 won (approximately 546 USD)

(Personal checks are accepted for the workshop fee and any other donations, but require an additional $8 USD for the bank-processing fee.)

5. Points to Consider

1) Please register by 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 20th.

2) Late registration is only possible up to 15 days from the workshop starting date. However, pregnant sisters and those with personal situations can register outside of this time frame if they first consult with the Mr. Dong-bae Kim of the International Office (82-31-589-7188).

3) You must get a C-3 visa or otherwise secure your visa situation before coming to attend a 40-day workshop. The Training Center cannot accquire or extend visas for you. If your visa expires, the immigration office will charge you a penalty of 100 USD and will put you on a black list.

4) As of the 71st workshop, 40-day workshop participants who register for the ancestor liberation ceremony are also required to pay the 2-day workshop registration fee of 25,000 won per set of seven generations. (However, the registration fee for the ancestor blessing ceremony is 25,000 won regardless of how many generations are being blessed.)

5) Parents may not bring young children with them to attend the 40-day workshop. Parents who would like to bring children in 5th grade or above may do so if they first consult with the International Office.

6) Pregnant sisters are encouraged to attend during the 4th to 6th months of pregnancy for safety purposes. (There is concern that coming too early or too late may be harmful to the unborn baby and may increase the chance of an early delivery.)

7) Members with psychological (spiritual) abnormalities must first consult with the Cheongshim Hospital Department of Psychiatry (82-31-589-4300) or with Mr. Dong-bae Kim of the International office at the Training Center (82-31-589-7188). If permission is granted, he or she may only register if accompanied by a caretaker. (Please keep in mind that if permission is not granted or if a caretaker does not come, these members may be asked to return home.)

8) Please prepare thin pants that will not collect or give off dust during the holy song sessions.

9) Do not bring music CDs or tapes to listen to during the workshop time period.

10) Children with behavioral difficulties must be accompanied by a parent.

11) Members coming to Korea from abroad must be sure to purchase travelers insurance.


*Schedule for the Blessed Wives 40-day Workshops in 2004*

1) 400 Million Couples wives -- November 20 ~ December 29, 2004

-- Previously married couples should attend the workshop designated for their blessing group or one that will be held at a similar time period.

-- It is best to participate in the appropriate workshop for your blessing group. However, Dae Mo Nim has allowed blessed wives living outside of Korea and Japan to attend whichever workshop best fits their situations and schedules.

For more details, please inquire at 82-31-589-7188/7134 (English), 7131 (Chinese)

Fax: 82-31-584-4336

E-mail: cpwe_office@cheongshim.com