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Hyojeong Family Counseling Center Online Counseling

Counseling Information

Counseling details and information about the supervising department

Counseling details Supervising department
Counseling for Blessing administration Blessing managers in each Region/District
Counseling for workshops / Ancestor Liberation and Ancestor Blessing Registration for HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center

Professional psychological life of faith counseling

* Counseling for dealing with spiritual issues
* Life of faith counseling
* Family counseling (couples, parents, siblings, children, in-laws, etc.)
* Psychological counseling (personality, depression, anxiety disorder, paranoia, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, sleep disorders, posttraumatic stress, etc.)
* Counseling for sex-related issues (gender, sexual harassment, sexual violence)
* Youth counseling (career, friends, bullying, school violence, expulsion, relationships, faith)

Hyojeong True Family Counseling Center in the FFWPUI
Family Counseling Department

Off-line Counceling Register
Myungok Kim Director : 031-589-7048
Eiko Zaitsu counseller : 031-589-7046
Kawahito Reichi counseller: 031-589-7044